Indian Drawings From the 18th - 21st Century

by Zoë Slatoff

Over the past two years, I've worked with artist Alexander Gorlizki to help translate the Sanskrit, Hindi and Rajasthani text on various yantras (mystical diagrams) and other drawings he collects for his exhibition at the Outsider Art Fair in NYC. As he explains:

"Passion is the dynamic energy that drives everything that’s important to us, and it expresses itself in different ways. The Tantric and vernacular Indian drawings that I’ve been collecting and exploring (with ardour) for the past two decades have an intensity and purpose that reflects their role in the lives of their makers and intended recipients. They not only convey a complex and total world-view, but they are also, in the main, utilitarian drawings and visual ceremonial guides. These drawings were created to express devotion and to guide the viewer/ participator towards understanding the nature of reality and help transcend their (and our) limitations..."