Sanskrit Intro/Refresher

Sunday, January 28th, 12-1:30PM
$25 or $50 including Yogāvataraṇam: The Translation of Yoga (my book!)

This  class will be an introduction to the Sanskrit language and alphabet and also a good refresher for those who have had a break and are looking to reinvigorate their studies.

An understanding of Sanskrit can help to connect us to the rich fabric of philosophy from which the yoga tradition emerged and thus deepen our practice. Sanskrit study can be a meditation in itself and helps to cultivate concentration. It is also fun!

But don't take my word from it, here is a letter from a happy student:

Why I Study Sanskrit

I'm not a natural linguist. I failed high school Spanish and dropped out of German. But I've been inspired to study Sanskrit with Zoë because she teaches it like āsana. Students learn at a pace that suits them, with individual guidance. And doing the exercises feels like meditation.

Originally, I was attracted by the chanting. Learning the words to the opening mantra helped connect my studies to daily practice. I try to work on Sanskrit a little each morning. Once I could recognize the alphabet, and pronounce its sounds, it very quickly felt relevant. Zoë's book draws all of its examples from yogic texts, so you soon get immersed in the Bhagavad Gītā, the Yoga Sūtra and many others.

To be honest, this is now the fifth time I've restarted my journey. Life can get in the way of the best-laid plans. But I keep coming back because I've found the right teacher. It really is like learning āsana - sometimes you get injured, or work intrudes, or something else happens. But you can always come back to the mat and start again.

I'm so grateful that one of my peers in this lovely community gave me the advice to do the same with learning Sanskrit. I knew she was studying, and asked where she'd got to in the book. She said she'd gone back to chapter 1 and was finding it helpful. "Why not try it?" she said. So here I am, looking forward to more when classes resume in the New Year.

I hope you'll join me if you can. Whether you have previous experience or not, there are so many benefits. I know Zoë loves teaching Sanskrit, and I think it enhances our yoga community when the focus is broader than practicing āsana.

Wishing you all a peaceful 2018!
A Happy Student