A World of Words

After meeting Pattabhi Jois in New York almost 20 years ago, I left my engineering studies and traveled to Mysore, India to deepen my practice of Ashtanga yoga. Immersed in traditional chanting, I also discovered my passion for Sanskrit.

A few years and a few trips to Mysore later, I returned to school at Columbia University to finish my degree, which turned into an M.A. in South Asian Studies. In the fall of 2006, my first semester, I wrote:

"Although I have written all of my life, it is rare that I let others into that world. I think I always had the notion of public vs. private worlds and words - which thoughts could be shared and which must remain tucked away and unexposed. But writing can serve as a connection, a bridge between the two planes of my existence - internal and external..."

The writing you will find here has evolved since then through different channels - academically, for various publications and just for fun. It is mostly about yoga philosophy and Sanskrit translation and how these can connect us to the essence of yoga in our practice, as well as helping us to be more embodied in our lives.