Sacred Sound

An understanding of Sanskrit can deepen your practice and bring it alive in new ways, connecting you to the rich philosophical threads from which the yoga tradition is woven.

Studying Sanskrit can be a meditation in itself and helps to cultivate concentration. It is also fun!

Zoë Slatoff has studied Sanskrit for over 15 years, chanting and memorizing texts in India and studying grammar and philosophy at Columbia University. Her teaching combines the best elements of both methods. She is the author of Yogāvatāraṇam, a Sanskrit textbook for yoga students.

Zoë offers Sanskrit and yoga philosophy classes here at AYUWS as well as a weekly session of chanting. She also gives private lessons, both in person and via Skype, and teaches workshops internationally. She is very excited to be offering new online Sanskrit courses through the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies - Intro to Sanskrit, Level 2, and now Level 3 and Level 4!

Please email for more information, or to schedule private lessons, or arrange a workshop at your shala.

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